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8Years focused on design and manufacture a bus shelter,Good quality,Worth your trust

a:To focus onShelter design、Custom and form a complete set of solutions

b:Municipal facilities purchasing companies preferred,Professional for shelter、City line planning、Municipal engineering to provide one-stop service

c:Continuous8In similar products in south ChinaAmong the best sales


With the perfect product line,Based on suqian、Radiation throughout the country

a:Shelters make benchmarking enterprises,Domestic areaShelter industry leading brand。

b:The old factory,Suqian area is the largest,Product line is the most complete shelter of the manufacturers,Hundreds of various types of products,There is always a right for you

c:Focus on the user's health,Create a environment friendly city“Furniture”


Professional designers tailored for you,To enjoy the service

a:The most professionalA bus shelter design manufacturers,To ensure that the design creative products to the customers

b:All products can be customized,Color、Size、Style、Meet your personal needs

c:According to the product using the environment,Custom design the most suitable shelter


24Hour rapid response,Let you rest assured

a:From procurement to shelter design、Distribution、Installation, etcOne-station service,The real service to“Home”

b:Offer a free after-sales maintenance services(Non-artificial damage),Reliable quality

c:7*24Hour rapid response,That the customer can easy to use

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